And So It Began…

Hello fellow creatives,

When the idea for Neverlander sprung to mind, it had no plot, no characters and no real essence to it. All I knew is that I wanted to tell a tale that was somehow related to one of my most treasured classics.

I remember watching the 2003 version of the film adaptation over and over in my childhood. I loved the magic, the landscape and the roguish yet lovable characters. And then as my writing progressed and I developed my skill, one day the idea just popped into my head.

What if Neverland had lost its innocence?

That one simple suggestion led me down a path of more questions, that spread out like a map in my head. There was so much to work with, so much to explore and it was an avenue of this story I hadn’t seen before.
I wondered for some time how I was going to portray my line of thinking on paper, and how I was going to incorporate the characters in a way that changed how people viewed this fantasy world and after hours of scrolling through Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, the answer came to me in a dream.

As such a creative person myself, I often get a lot of my inspiration from walks, music, imagery and dreams. And when I when I’d woken from this dream, I knew that in my tale, the original characters would be older, much more mature and more importantly the world they lived in would be darker and less children friendly.

And that is how the creation of Wyn came to be. After realising the young woman I had seen in this dream was a relative of the Darling children; Wendy, John and Michael, I realised that the basic idea I had for Neverlander had shifted from a children’s story to something of a maturer nature.

What I never expected was for it to grow into such a large story! But by posing myself this question of innocence, I opened up the door to a whole new wild adventure… I would go into further detail, but for me to do so, would spoil the story!

We wouldn’t want that now would we?