Hey fellow creatives!

As many people who are close to me know, I am the absolute worst for procrastination!
I am the world’s worst for distracting myself by the simplest of things, especially during this lock down when I have both Hubby and son at home and under my feet constantly!

I mean who really wants an energetic 3 year old hanging off of their arm when they’re in the writing zone?!

Over this period of uncertainty, and thanks to the help and support of my husband watching the wild child, I have managed to organise my time for my ‘work hours’ to be productive and here is how I have done it…

Word Count

To reach my end goal within a reasonable time frame, I work out a daily word count that suits me. I don’t stick to this number, but instead use it as the minimum number I want to reach on that particular day. This means that if I’m feeling more productive, I haven’t restricted my flow, and if I’m feeling a little blocked its a number I’m able to reach without too much difficulty.

Set Time

I set myself a daily time frame of two hours where I’m separated from everyone and alone to be able to concentrate. I make sure its a time that I feel most productive and suits my family’s daily routine (especially at the moment with little one not in school).
I also set a separate amount of time aside should I need to do any research in connection with the story to help with the overall plot and landscape of the piece.

Background elements

This usually consists of music or white noise to help me concentrate on my writing and get into the ‘zone’
I have a whole story inspiration music playlist on youtube that I listen to, helping me fall back into the story easily. If you check out the ‘Behind The Scenes’ section of the website you’ll find it listed, so feel free to check it out!


I am so terrible for flitting through my phone when I’m meant to be working on my manuscript!
Things like Messenger and Twitter just have a tendency to draw me in at the wrong moments, which leads to me wasting precious time! To solve this, I use an app called Forest, which was recommended to me by a friend and fellow writer.
With this app I can go into ‘Deep Focus Mode’ which means if I leave the timer, the little tree growing with perish and the timer will reset. Using this has really pushed me to focus on what I should be doing, instead of the temptations of social media!

What are your methods to keeping yourself focused during longer writing sessions? Do you use music or would you rather work in complete silence?

Let me know!

The Joys of Self-isolation

Hello fellow creatives!

News of Covid-19 is a big thing across the world right now and has affected everyday life . I don’t know about you all but I am a creature of habit. I love my routines and I also happen to enjoy knowing what day of the week it is! Of course being pregnant and asthmatic means I fall under the category of ‘High Risk’, so guess whose currently having to self-isolate herself?

As necessary as this all is, I do miss my simple comforts and have tried my best to come up with an easy strategy to maintaining my sanity and cabin fever in family life and work so that all is not lost!

However I can’t deny the positives that have com from being stuck at home for 26 days and counting…

  • The hubby is home indefinitely, meaning my son gets quality time with his dad which means that I get plenty of alone/reading/work time.
  • I have been able to focus more closely on my writing and getting into the swing of a daily word count.
  • My time management has become much more efficient and balancing home life and work life has become surprisingly easier
  • My writing has definitely sped up in comparison to before quarantine.

Being able to push myself everyday with my writing has definitely upped my creative juices and my writing flow hasn’t been this consistent in months. Discovering that if I push past my own self-inflicted writer’s block, and write a little every day while I’m able to, the content I create is still high quality and something to be proud of.

That isn’t to say I haven’t got my work cut out for me when the eventual process leads to the dreaded editing phase!

But for now the writing process for book #2 of the Neverlander Series is coming along smoothly, and that is something to be joyous of. I can only hope that when the world stops its madness and we all return to normal life, that I can keep the momentum going!

Happy Easter everyone!