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Neverland as you’ve never seen it before…

If you thought the tales ended with Wendy think again…

The stories of the infamous Peter Pan have been passed down Wyn’s family for generations. 

But now the tales hang over her like a shameful reminder of their entwined history with the fabled place. That is, until she discovers that the stories were in fact true.

Lost in a Neverland much different to the tales she’d been told, she must find a way home. But when the evil that lurks there rears its ugly head, she finds herself inescapably caught up in the midst of it all.

With the fate of Neverland hanging in the balance, Wyn must decide which path to take; the one that leads her home or the one that leads to trouble.


“Great story, exciting and I loved the characters!
The ending was amazing and I’m eagerly waiting for the next instalment in this series!”
“This spin-off whilst having complete originality and individuality, also holds true to a lot of what we know of Neverland. This story was exciting throughout.”
“This debut by Elora is fantastical. I enjoyed reading about Neverland and following Wyn’s adventures. It was exciting to revisit the stories of Peter Pan in a Young Adult format.”

The journey forward will lead her back…

Wyn has come a long way since she first arrived in Neverland, with allies and enemies alike.

But when she finds herself back in the familiar streets of London, with Pan still missing and her friends in danger at the hands of Captain Kage, she has no choice but to find her way back to the mystical lands she unwittingly abandoned.

But there are secrets left in London that cannot remain hidden any longer and knowledge waiting to be passed down to its next successor.

And Wyn’s journey is far from over…


“This is by far one of the best Neverland book series I’ve ever read. I love that Wyn is the main character and how epic of a warrior she becomes! This book is full of excitement and I could not put it down. It’s easy to imagine you’re there watching Wyn fight along side the lost boys!”
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“Yet again this story had me hooked from the get go! Been taken back to neverland with all its secrets and thrilling adventures with wyn,curly and the gang leaves me feeling magical and happy!”
“Wow another great book in the Neverlander series! Both have ended on a cliffhanger and I’m far too impatient to wait for the next one, I need it now! I love Wyn and her badass no-nonsense attitude and of course it was great to be reunited with Curly and the gang too.”

The answers she seeks will come at a price…

The hunt is on for the ever elusive Peter Pan, and Wyn and the others are closer than they’ve ever been before. But finding themselves on an unfamiliar island full of long forgotten magic and strange inhabitants, they are unsure of what to expect. And time isn’t on their side with Captain Kage’s threat looming ever closer, always one step behind.

But there is another reason Wyn needs to find Peter, and fast. Knowledge about a truth discovered purely by accident that will change things entirely…unearthing a family secret that was buried long ago.


You’ve heard the fairy tales, but this time these Damsels haven’t come to play…

Poisoned Apples. Wicked Curses. Red Cloaks. Kickass Women.

Fairy tales are going back to their dark & twisted roots with these brand new short story retellings.
Venture into new stories & fight old foes alongside defiant & refreshing heroines written for the 21st Century.

These damsels don’t need a prince to come & save them…

Edited by Brittany Saunders.

You’ve heard of the twelve dancing Princesses, but you’ve yet to meet Ferryn. When her twelve older sisters are cursed and with very little time, Ferryn must adventure alone through the land of the fae to confront The Crafter and lift the spell before the clock strikes midnight on her eighteenth birthday.

The countdown has begun…