Behind the Scenes

Ever wanted to take a sneak peek at what happens before the finalised publish book? Ever wonder what inspires me? What fun facts I have about my stories? Look no further, enjoy your very own back stage pass to all things related to my writing! Updates will be sporadic, but here you’ll find plenty of interesting titbits about my journey through writing from world building to character creation until I reach the end goal of publication!

Larger Than Life

When the first initial idea for Neverlander blossomed in my mind, I had only intended for it to be a stand alone novel. But despite myself the story grew and grew into something much bigger than I ever anticipated and has now morphed and evolved into a series.

I had heard of stories coming to life for readers but never for the writer!

Musical Elements

Music has always helped me to zone out the world around me and focus on the one I’m creating on paper. Here is the soundtrack that aided me in writing Neverlander and now with its sequel! A mixture of styles, melodies and musical range that both inspire and encourage my writing.


The visualisation of the world I envisioned for Neverlander was made all the more fun and exciting thanks to my discovery of Pinterest some years back. It really broadened my mental image of Neverlander and helped make the space all the more realistic and wholesome, and overall just helping me see Neverland the way I imagine it, from the rich blue waters of Mermaid Lagoon, and the thick greens of the Neverwood, to the hidden caves at the base of the Neverpeak Mountains.