Author Bio

Hello fellow creatives!

My pen name is Elora Burrell, but friends call me El!

I was named after a fairy tale character in a film, so it only seems fitting that I love to write stories of fantasy, with strong minded characters and daring adventures. Books all about magic, twisting plots and strong female characters are my favourite and so my stories have always been inspired by the reads I love the most.

Books really are the best way of ignoring every day life after all!

I discovered my love for writing matched my love for reading at the age of ten, and the first few pieces I wrote were honestly horrendous! With time and practice my writing skills grew and I completed my first ‘fully-fledged novel’ when I was seventeen, which I shared with the delightful community of Wattpad.

Since then I have studied a Creative Writing & English Literature degree, moved on to an MA, and become a mother to two children and six furbabies; Salem the cat, Bambie the black lab and Prairie, Delta, Pixel and Bosley the dumbo rats. When I’m not studying, you can find me hidden away in my office, or as I like to call it my home library.

Not only am I a huge book nerd who’s taste in novels range from the classic to science fiction, but I am also a sucker for video games, films and the Marvel and DC universes.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and welcome to the clan!