What Book is my Nose Stuck in This Month?

Hey there fellow creatives,

As much as my love for writing and my current book schedule is keeping my busy at my laptop, I will always try and find the time to do some reading.

Currently that book is The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman.

I decided to revisit the series after the television programme on BBC aired. I’m that annoying type of bookworm that must read the book before watching any television adaptation be it film or series.
This is a book I opened years ago when I was pregnant with my first and haven’t read since, so the story was rusty and reading it again stirred excitement in me.

Usually I have the memory of an elephant, I remember the plots of books for years after so it has to be a book I adore for me to read it over and over. But because I had never gotten to finish Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials all those years prior, I figured I would finish them this time around.

Unsurprisingly, I have fallen back into love with his writing style and the world created in this wonderful series, and I’m back to rooting for Lyra at every turn. Having left this series for so long, I’m glad to be enjoying it again as though I’d never read it. Quite a refreshing thing for me!

So right now, after my fair share of daily writing, I spend my evenings with a steaming cuppa and book 2 in this magical series. I fully intend to move onto The Book of Dust series afterwards, but with so many options on my shelves, I can’t make any promises just yet.

Happy Reading!

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