Half Way There…

Hello fellow creatives,

Huzzah! I can finally say that I am now over the half way point with my word count for Neverlander’s sequel NeverNever! This is a pretty exciting feat as this is my first sequel that I’ve written. I have always had a tendency of starting things and not finishing them, but I’ve certainly turned it around this time!

Through writing NeverNever so far, I have come across something I had never heard of up until now called ‘Second Book Syndrome’ . Some of you may have heard of it, but I was new to the term until recently.

Writing Neverlander had been fun and rather exhilarating; the story was brand new, the characters were new and exciting and there was so much potential. Of course, there had been days that were slower than others (especially balancing family life with writing) but overall it had been a positive experience.

Fast forward to writing the beginning chapters to NeverNever, and I found myself struggling. I still loved the concept and the characters, but it still felt dull and bland when comparing it to the first book. For the most part I wanted nothing more than to skip to the parts I wanted to write and that I was looking forward too, and skip the parts I found less interesting (but for the storyline these sections were equally as essential).

Self-discipline and scheduled daily writing goals are what have kept me grounded and producing good, solid content for NeverNever so far, and knowing that I’m over halfway is certainly pushing me to keep going! Not to mention the encouragement of friends and fellow writers.

Luckily for me, I have gotten over my initial lack of interest in the second instalment, and the magic of the plot and characters is returning with every new chapter.

Happy writing everyone!

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